Leg 10, from Cardiff to Gothenburg. Xabi Fernández, skipper © Ugo Fonollá/MAPFRE/Volvo Ocean Race

Hi all,

Here we are after two days of racing in this 10th leg and one more time things are tight and stressful.

We have already passed a few very tricky and complicated moments in this leg, starting from the very start, in the Bristol channel where Scallywag got left behind and if you think twice could be any of us, we were sailing all of us so close to each other…

Then as predicted we met all together in Fastnet where I think we did ok but by the time the North wind came we were in the middle of the fleet again and last night after a bit of tacking and sailing with quite a shifty conditions we managed to position ourselves north of the fleet.

It looks we are leaving the ridge behind right now and we are sailing with the new S-SW winds, doing about 11 knots of boatspeed so looks promising. Hopefully we can stretch with AkzoNobel and put some ground between the rest of the boats and us but as I said, for the moment it just looks promising.

I know it will be a brutal fight all the way to Gothenburg so here we are, trying to eat as much as possible. We have not had barely any rest yet so I hope we can have some good sleeps before we get to the top of Scotland.

We have good feelings and I think Joan and Rob are doing a fantastic job calling the nav and tactics from boat to boat so I hope we can stay in the front the next days.

Best regards from MAPFRE.