Hi all,

Here we keep fighting hard to minimize the lost with the 3 boats went offshore yesterday in the corner of Australia.

It has been a tricky start from Melbourne, plenty of gibes and lead changes and we felt all right with the fleet but obviously the decision of going through the coast has not paid off to us.

At the beginning, we were not expecting to lose much but things haven’t gone our way the last 24 hours but one thing is for sure, we keep fighting every wave and we know we will have opportunities to come back in this leg. It is so much left and so tricky…

Everyone is ok though and willing to push hard so I’m sure we will be ok in some stage. Of course, we have Vestas 11th hour with us and I think this is making both of us to push harder as if you relax for a minute you see the lose immediately so I am happy we are traveling in company.

Let’s see how the situation changes and we will be patient for the compression of the fleet to arrive.

Best regards,