Hi there,

Another fantastic day of sailing, VMG downwind with +20 knots of wind speed and very nice waves to catch, it is being good fun.

We keep doing easy miles towards HK and we are now less than 48 hours to go so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have to say we are looking forward to get there.

Sometimes we forget the intensity we are carrying and that we only stopped for a week in Melbourne and after these almost 20 days of leg we are willing to get there for a good rest.

It is plenty of action on the top of the fleet with Skally and Akzo going on stelth mode… we do bets to see where they will appear… and they are having a good fight between Vestas and Dongfeng at the moment too. 

We are sailing well, knowing we have very limited chances to get anyone but making sure we do our best so we can take any opportunity they may open to us.

Still hot as I wrote 2 days ago, but much better and sailing downwind makes our live easier.

Best regards