Hi all,

Here we are finally moving fast towards the next waypoint, the Philippines! It feels good to move and get wet again after such a hard week in the doldrums.

We are now sailing though the atolls but we have pass them night time for the moment, hopefully we can see something during the day as they will be spectacular for sure.

The mode is good on board, still pushing the boat as much as we can and hoping the weather opens an opportunity for us in the future but of course we know our possibilities are not high to catch the boats in front.

It is amazing how different sailing could be from one day to another, lucky enough we have a few good ones to come so we hope to enjoy them as much as we can. We still need to keep an eye in the two boats coming behind as we cannot lose any other position in this leg.

I’m sure this leg is going to make us stronger for the future though and we will learn from the mistakes we have done.

Best regards