Xabi Fernández, MAPFRE’s skipper © María Muiña/MAPFRE

Hi all,

Not too many more things to report from the last two days of sailing, really. Pretty similar conditions, wind up and down and going mainly downwind…

We are having a bit less wind speed than the model predicted and it is a bit harder to sail but we can’t complain to be honest.

The heat’s still up here and we are looking forward to experiencing cooler temperatures to sail with a pair of thermals and the full weather gear. We have less than three days of sailing to get to Hong Kong and we are still pushing hard as TTTOP and BRU are not far behind.

One of the good things is that we are having a lot of good sleeps since we don’t have to manoeuvre and, as I mentioned before, the sailing is quite easy-going.

It looks Scallywag has this leg under control, if nothing happens of course! Well done for them… and into their hometown! I’m sure there will be plenty of celebrations…

For the rest, everyone is good on board MAPFRE and the boat is in good shape too.

Best regards,