© Maria Muiña I MAPFRE

Hi all,

Just about 2 days to get to Newport! The truth is that these trade winds have been pretty amazing. I don’t know exactly how many miles we have done a day but we have been making very easy miles day after day.

We are now going downwind, getting a bit lighter in general but still with 16-18 knots of TWS so making good progress.

As all of you have seen, strange leg for us. We got left behind so early in the leg and even if we have been waiting very patiently for opportunities, the weather have not gave as many of them.

We are still fighting every mile possible and have had AkzoNobel with us the last 2 days, I think that has made us faster. Is the only thing we can do, go as fast as we can and be ready for everything.

The true is that in the next 36 hours is a lot to come, a give around Bermuda where the timing of it can always have an impact, a low pressure coming with plenty of wind downwind where we will need to push all we’ve got and then crossing a front to get to NE winds witch will be challenging and pretty cold I’m sure.

After the last ‘sched’ we have TTOP 15 nm real range so we are hoping to see their light sooner than later, hopefully tonight in the horizon but they are sailing well and fast and we now it is not going to be easy to catch them.

We still remember how much we had to push to get them in Auckland and I’m sure this time is going to be even more difficult but that is our goal right now.


For the rest all is good on board. We have had plenty of sleep these days as the sailing is been quite easy so we are now ready to give the last push.

The electrical problems we had with the batteries is going ok and we are having no more problems so far, still with no PLC but hopefully not to many manoeuvres to go.

Best regards from MAPFRE.