© Maria Muiña I MAPFRE

Last night we were a group of four boats trying to go through the light wind transition from the Northerly to the NE trade winds. The front that passed three days ago had stalled in front of us while dissipating, and once crossed that line wind was almost calm. DFRT and us tried a position further south to have a better transition, by crossing the cloud line back and forth several times, and today we only see DFRT from the fleet. We have been sailing within a mile of each other the whole day today, reaching with a moderate Ne trade wind that increased through the day.

We expect now those trade wind conditions to continue or about three days, getting fresh from tomorrow, and we will start seeing some typical shower activity from the trades. After that, we will have to deal with another light wind zone to cross as the wind will shift from NW to W well north of the Salomon’s.

All is well on board MAPFRE. Temperatures are warming up every day, and everyone is happy to enjoy sailing with a competitor close by. As we missed seeing any of the Mariana Islands, we look forward to maybe see some atolls of the Micronesia as we go through.

Joan Vila.