We are now out of the doldrums area, dealing with gentle and unsettled ESE trades, on our way to pass the North East reefs of New Caledonia, over 100 miles ahead, where most likely we will have to find our way through one of the passages between the coral atolls.

As we progress further south we are expecting the wind strength of the trade winds to increase to moderate speeds, and current optimal routs suggest a long detour heading towards the SW to meet a front moving off the Aussie east coast, and then re-curving eastwards towards North Cape NZ.

After spending days and days just a few miles apart from DFRT, we had some split last night, enjoying some sailing time with no boat on sight. However, today, our paths crossed, and here we are again together within four miles apart.

We also had to deal with shower clouds today, although not very active, they still changed the wind strength from near calm to close to 20 knots in minutes, then back to light winds again.

Spirit are good on board, and we all wait for a chance to catch up some miles to the fleet in front in the medium range, as the eastern Australian front may bring some opportunities and the crossing towards NZ may not be that straight forward we think.