Hi all,

Another good day on board MAPFRE! Again all day averaging more than 17 knots, so going south very quickly.

Not too many news on board apart from the visit of the King Neptune yesterday to punish the three guys on board whom never crossed the equator before, Blair, Támara and Ugo. It was a funny and relaxing moment that we appreciated as we are racing like ever in the middle of the ocean, especially with Dongfeng. We have been seeing her for some days now till this afternoon that because of a pretty big cloud and then a slightly different strategy we have separated a few miles.

The intensity keeps being high and we wait for the position report very anxiously to see where the rest of the fleet is.

We had a conversation with Charles today in a Live X connexion and it was good to talk to someone outside this boat, but as he said today this is going to be a hard race to win!

We keep pushing!


15th November – 00.31 UTC