Joan Vila © Ugo Fonollá/MAPFRE/Volvo Ocean Race

We have exited the Doldrums today and are now sailing in the SE trade winds. The ITCZ was relatively easy to cross this time, and we did not experience long calm periods, and always seemed to have a bit of wind to keep going except once last night, when we parked for about 30 min and the fleet compressed. We also had to deal with the showers, some of them well developed, with heavy rain, and producing large wind shifts to keep us well entertained on board.

The SE winds were progressively filling in this morning, and after crossing the last cloud line we called ourselves out of the Doldrums. Conditions have been mostly sunny, with some isolated showers early, and enjoying now nice sailing conditions in a tight reach with moderate SE winds.

The NOAA drifter buoy was deployed this evening, after we crossed 3º N. Life on board is good, and the boat is in good shape. We are using those benign conditions to carry the gear checks on board, and do some minor repairs.

Joan Vila
13th November – 02.31 UTC