© Ugo Fonollá/MAPFRE/Volvo Ocean Race


What a night! After a few very tough days where we have been losing distance in a lot of the position reports because the boats behind coming with more wind all the time, we finally had the lift, gibed and cross the front to have now southerly winds and clear skies which should get us to Cape Town.

We just managed to stay in front and hopefully we can now keep this lead till the end, but no doubt will be hard as, specially Dongfeng and Vestas are racing neck to neck and this will make them push the boats even more.

As I said, quite difficult days, always with confidence but we have all finish being very close, so the stress will be up there two more days.

Everyone well on board and looking very much forward to finish the leg and enjoy Cape Town.

We keep having as much rest as possible for the last push here on MAPFRE.

Best regards,