Hi all,

From one extreme to the other… here we go trying to sail North with no wind through a HP. It is ok though, I don’t see the people complaining yet as we are happy to have a few quiet days.

The boat starts to be dry and it is not that cold anymore. I guess one of the worse things when the conditions are rough is the mess inside the boat, impossible to keep it dry and very hard to keep it tidy. Now everything is tidy and dry.

Still fighting to get one more position as TTTOP seems to have a problem in her mast and we are slowly catching them so we still have the motivation to sail properly and the watches go quick.

Since we hoisted the repaired main we keep looking up and it looks it is going to hold so its good news for us. The track in the mast looks fine too and we are following the timings of the routing more or less ok. This is giving us 5 more days of sailing!

It is being very expensive price the fact of stopping for 12 hours, but we know the weather sometimes helps you and sometimes doesn’t, and now it is not helping us much to get there somewhere close to the boats in the lead.

It will be a problem for the elapsed time point at the end of the race, we were being the fastest so far but after this leg is going to be almost impossible to get that point so we will need to find it somewhere else…

We still feel positive where we are after all things happened in this leg so we just need to finish this leg ASAP and start thinking in the next one.

Best regards,