Hi all,

Looks like we are under 4 days to go! It really feels like we have been sailing forever in this leg. I can hardly remember when we were sailing towards Japan almost 3 weeks ago and so much has happened since then…

The weather keeps changing quite a lot in the files we receive during the day. Sometimes we are more optimistic after seeing them and sometimes it is a bit harder but one thing is for sure, the weather is changing and we have almost 1000nm to go so we will keep our hope till the very end.

The crew keeps working very well, pushing the boat as much as possible in these trade winds we are sailing right now with around 16-20 knots of wind speed.

Having as much rest as possible and getting ready for any opportunity may come at the end of the race.

Our particular race with DF keeps being exhausting and we all know it is going to be that way the whole way to Auckland, let’s see how it finishes. Hopefully we can have Brunel on the battle too.

Best regards.