© Maria Muiña I MAPFRE

Dear Xabi, dear members of all the MAPFRE sailing team and shore crew,

This may well be the most complicated moment in the race, when physical and mental strength is beginning to fray, and in a leg where we know that conditions are extreme, and everyone’s spirit is very much affected by the loss of a fellow race colleague. Not to mention that damage to the mast has forced you to suspend racing for 12 hours to make the necessary repairs to the mast track and the main sail.

For this reason, and more than ever, I would like to tell you all, on behalf of myself and all the employees of MAPFRE worldwide:

THANK YOU for fighting so hard, for your efforts, your commitment, and for being such a strong, closely-connected team, and for moving us all with the values you are demonstrating, for sailing like true champions, in this incredibly demanding competition.

Just like life itself, this sport is a long-distance race, where results are important, but more so is the journey to get there, and to recognise that by giving such an exceptional example to the world, you can be victorious without being the first across the line.

I want you to know that for the 36,000 MAPFRE employees across the world, you are very close. We are all following your progress on a daily basis, and more than ever before want you to receive our absolute support, so you might keep battling with the same passion in every mile you sail. You are all wonderful, and there is still a lot of racing to be done. We will support you in every decision you make. People come first. We are MAPFRE. And for all of us you are much more than champions, so we want to send you our support, admiration and encouragement. Keep going! We are right behind you! VAMOS MAPFRE!

Antonio Huertas
President of MAPFRE